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How to do slick up-do without gel,or edge control!

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Hello everyone , and today i am going to teach you how to do a slick up-do , (also called a pineapple). Without using any gel or edge control.




Cream of nature hydrating curling cream (Also if you want to see a review on this product click this)

Rough brush

2 large rubberbands


First you want to start off by spraying your edges in the top of your hair with water. Once you’ve did that secondly you want to get your rough brush and brush the sides of your hair (without using any product in your hair). Next after you did that step you want to get about a finger full of Cream of Nature Hydrating Curling Cream and put that only on the top of your hair. I recommend not combining your hair out when you do this style because the rubber band will slide back further than you want it to. Then start to add all the products and take the rough brush and start to slick it back. Lastly take the rubber band and put it around your puff (you can also use a snappy). I hope this works out good for you! If it did please fill free to subscribe, like and share!


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